13 apps that will help you find friends with common interests

13 apps that will help you find friends with common interests

The article introduces 13 different apps for making new friends based on common interests, giving you various options to connect with other members.

Making new friends isn't always easy, but thankfully there are apps that can get the job done! In this list we'll show you the top 14 apps that will connect you with like-minded people quickly and easily so that you can start building your network of friends in no time.


This application enables you to locate clubs and events that share your interests in things like hobbies, sports, music, movies, technology, and more. To meet new people, you can join a group and go to activities that other members host.

Bumble BFF:

This dating app is comparable to Bumble, but it allows you to search for friendships rather than romantic relationships. You can set up a profile, include interests, and search for other users who have similar interests.


Connect with your neighbors with the social networking app Nextdoor. You may connect with individuals in your town, learn about nearby companies, and get recommendations.

Hey! VINA:

This app is comparable to Bumble BFF but only targets female friendseekers. Create a profile, list your hobbies, and search for other ladies who share them.


With the help of the app Friender, you can locate individuals who share your interests and pastimes. You can make a profile and look for folks who share your interests.


This software aids in locating friends based on shared beliefs and interests. The matching system can help you locate others who have similar interests to yours.


Moms wishing to connect with other moms can use this app. Based on your geography, the ages of your children, and shared hobbies, you can look for other mothers.


This social networking tool enables you to connect with individuals locally or globally. With the search option, you can locate people according to their age, geography, and interests.


This app is designed exclusively for athletes looking for companions to practice sports with. You can meet others who are equally passionate about fitness, running, yoga, swimming, and other activities.


You may chat with individuals from all around the world using this social networking app. You can locate individuals who share your interests and engage in real-time conversation with them.


This app matches users based on shared interests using artificial intelligence. The match option can help you locate others who share your interests and hobbies.


This app facilitates new acquaintances in your neighborhood. You can participate in activities that other members are hosting and meet others who share your interests.


Using the social networking software MeetMe, you can find people who share your interests and pursuits.

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