4 Types of Music Therapy Programs Available

4 Types of Music Therapy Programs Available

Music therapy is an effective way to treat many different types of psychological disorders, including depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It helps patients express themselves through music, which can then be used by therapists to help them cope with their problems.

Music Therapy Schools

There are several schools offering music therapy degrees across the country. These programs typically take between three and five years to complete. Students must first earn a bachelor’s degree before entering into a graduate program.

Online Music Therapy Courses

Music therapists use instruments such as drums, guitars, keyboards, and violins to play soothing melodies and rhythms to patients who suffer from various forms of mental illness. They also work with children and adults who have developmental disabilities.

Inpatient Music Therapy Programs

If you’re interested in learning more about how music therapy works, check out these inpatient music therapy programs available today.

Outpatient Music Therapy Programs

In addition to inpatient programs, there are also outpatient music therapy programs available today that provide services to patients who live at home. These programs typically involve weekly sessions with a therapist, as well as individualized instruction.

Music Therapy Programs for Children

There are several different types of music therapy programs available today. One type involves playing instruments such as drums, guitars, and pianos. Another type involves listening to music while doing activities such as drawing, painting, or writing. A third type involves singing songs together.

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