A Complete Guide to Everything Jennifer Lopez Has Appeared in

A Complete Guide to Everything Jennifer Lopez Has Appeared in

From iconic films like Selena and Maid In Manhattan to acclaimed television roles in Shades of Blue and Will & Grace, Jennifer Lopez has been gracing screens both big and small for decades. Explore all of the movies Jennifer López has appeared in over her long career with this comprehensive guide!


Jennifer Lopez has earned love and acclaim for her work in film and television. Her film credits include leading roles in the hits Selena, Out Of Sight, Anaconda, The Wedding Planner, Chaos Walking and the stripper drama Hustlers. She's also appeared in cameo roles in projects such as Marry Me, Second Act and The Boy Next Door. On television, she was a series regular on NBC's Shades of Blue and made guest appearances on Will & Grace as well as SNL.

Television Series

Jennifer Lopez has been a series regular in shows throughout the years, starting with singing competition show American Idol in 2011. She's also starred in NBC drama Shades of Blue as Detective Harlee Santos and was executive producer of the show. In recent years she had a stint in TV Land comedy series The Cougar and appeared as a special guest star on Fox's hit dramedy Brooklyn 99. J-Lo also returned to her singing competition roots with World of Dance, where she acted as an executive producer and judge.

Music Videos

In addition to her acting and producing work, Jennifer Lopez's song appearances have also made waves. Notable music video cameos include Pitbull's "On the Floor," Pharrell's "Blurred Lines," and her own "I Luh Ya Papi." Of course, in her latest single, “Medicine”, she appears alongside French Montana in the official video. Lopez has also been featured in songs with Ja Rule and LL Cool J.

Talk Shows and Interviews

Jennifer Lopez has appeared on numerous talks shows and interviews over the years. Her appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman” in 1998 was famously interrupted by a passionate fan, resulting in a now-iconic stand-off where she refused to be scared off by any devotee – not even as Letterman cackled nervously in the background. Over the years, Lopez continued to appear on late night shows like “Saturday Night Live,” “The Daily Show” and various other programs. In 2018, she even headlined her first solo special, appearing on HBO’s “Jennifer Lopez: All I Have.”

Endorsements and Commercials

Jennifer Lopez has also appeared in numerous television commercials and endorsements throughout her career. She has been featured in commercial spots for Pepsi, L’Oreal, Volkswagen, Kohl’s, and more. In addition to these brand affiliations, she is an active philanthropist who works with various charities such as Children's National Medical Center and Make a Wish Foundation.

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