AC Milan Story

AC Milan Story

AC Milan is an iconic symbol and one of the most respected football teams in the world.

The AC Milan Story was designed to explore the various levels of deep analysis and strategic thinking underpinning the club's many international developments, as well as to reflect on some of the more personal chapters from Silvio Berlusconi' 41 years as president.

This two-part series is divided into three sections: an introduction, examination of Milan San Paolo stadium, and an insightful conclusion.

For a time beyond time, AC Milan was viewed as one of Europe's less competitive ones. As an Italian team that put Italian football in slow decline. Internationally, they suffered the same fate. They finished second then initially lost it all during his playing days.

However, their ascendancy coincided with their financial profligacy because when Berlusconi took over party in 1986 he invested €750 million taxpayer money and essentially saved them from bankruptcy by confirming the Milanello training ground

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