Alex Morgan and Servando Carrasco: A Love Story Forged in Soccer and Strengthened by Shared Dreams

Alex Morgan and Servando Carrasco: A Love Story Forged in Soccer and Strengthened by Shared Dreams

Building a Lasting Bond: Soccer's Role in Alex and Servando's Connection

The captivating love story of Alex Morgan and Servando Carrasco stands as a testament to the power of shared passions and unwavering support. Their journey commenced during their time as promising scholars at the esteemed University of California, Berkeley, where their academic pursuits seamlessly intertwined with their remarkable soccer talents. This mutual love for the sport became the foundation for a profound connection that transcended the confines of the playing field, solidifying their bond and guiding their extraordinary journey together.

A College Romance that Blossomed:

In 2009, Alex Morgan and Servando Carrasco's relationship began to flourish amidst the challenges of academia and the demands of being exceptional athletes. Through the rigors of college life, their love endured and deepened, demonstrating its resilience in the face of the trials that often define the formative years of a relationship.

A Pivotal Commitment:

The turning point arrived on December 31, 2014, when Alex Morgan and Servando Carrasco exchanged their vows, dedicating themselves to a shared future filled with aspirations and growth. This marital commitment ushered in a new phase of their journey, one that would see them conquer new frontiers both as individuals and as a united force.

Professional Achievements:

Their shared dedication to soccer translated into remarkable achievements in their professional careers. Alex Morgan's journey led her to esteemed teams such as the Portland Thorns FC and the Orlando Pride, solidifying her legacy as a soccer luminary. With two World Cup victories and an Olympic gold medal, she has left an indelible mark on the sport's history.

Simultaneously, Servando Carrasco's career took him across prominent teams, showcasing his unyielding determination and tenacity on the field. From the Seattle Sounders to the Houston Dynamo, his commitment to the sport remained unshakable, highlighting his enduring love for the game.

A New Chapter as Parents:In 2020, a new dimension of their love story unfolded with the birth of their daughter, Charlie Elena Carrasco. Parenthood brought profound joy and purpose to their lives, and they embraced this new adventure with the same passion that had fueled their athletic endeavors.

Champions of Change:

Beyond sports and family, both Alex Morgan and Servando Carrasco have championed philanthropy and advocacy, particularly in the realm of women's rights and gender equality. Their actions resonate as a call to action, inspiring individuals worldwide to embrace unity and compassion, and to create positive societal change.


The narrative of Alex Morgan and Servando Carrasco embodies shared aspirations, unwavering support, and an unbreakable commitment to leave an enduring impact on the world. Their journey from college sweethearts to accomplished professionals and devoted parents exemplifies the strength of love and partnership. Through their successes, challenges, and meaningful contributions, they stand as a beacon of inspiration for all generations, motivating others to pursue their dreams passionately, uplift those around them, and contribute meaningfully to the global tapestry of human experience.

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