all of the Surgeries that Brendan Fraser Have?

all of the Surgeries that Brendan Fraser Have?

Fraser talks about the operations he's had to have over the years in a fascinating interview. Fraser engaged in several outrageous stunts for his movies, which left him with numerous grave physical wounds. Fraser underwent his first surgery in 1997 after an Airheads band member grabbed him and tore Fraser's shoulder out of its socket.

Fraser felt anguish even though it was an accident, and he deserved justice. Brendan needed a second operation because of an injury he suffered while working on The Mummy Returns. A horse trod on his ass cheek during a stunt, severely damaging it and necessitating reconstructive surgery.

It took him months to heal from this operation and get rid of any leftover emotions. Due to injuries experienced while filming George of the Jungle and Blast From the Past, Brendan also underwent numerous surgeries. Brendan's final big procedure was in 2014, the year he left Hollywood after being passed up for an award at the Golden Globes, an event that rightfully caused him sorrow, annoyance, and sadness.

Fraser also underwent a partial knee replacement, a procedure in which an artificial implant is used to replace the worn-out or damaged component of the knee joint. Fraser has had numerous procedures, including back operations, voice cord repairs, and even a bolt to compress spinal pads, in addition to this one. He also had surgeries to fix contusions on his vocal chords and spinal column.

The renowned Hollywood actor, underwent several additional back surgeries to relieve the lasting impact of his lumbar injuries, resulting from performing stunts in movies. In an interview he shared that he had undergone many surgeries, including a partial knee replacement. Fraser also admitted to having a laminectomy (a procedure that removes part of the vertebrae) and other things done for his back. It was due to these surgeries that Fraser suffered for years with pain and limited mobility, unable to work at full pace or do the stunts he used to do. The lasting impact of these surgeries has taken its toll on Fraser's life and has caused him grief for many years.

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