All the Movies Starring Taylor Russell

All the Movies Starring Taylor Russell

With an impressive list of credits to her name, Taylor Russell has starred in a variety of movies. From psychological thrillers to animated adventure flicks, this guide covers all the Taylor Russell movies that you should add to your must-see list.

Escape Room (2019)

Taylor Russell starred in this psychological Adventure Thriller as one of six strangers who are tasked with solving puzzles and riddles in order to escape various rooms and overcome life-threatening challenges. Directed by Adam Robitel, Escape Room gave Russell the opportunity to showcase her intense acting skills and also earned her a Teen Choice Award nomination.

Fast Layne (2018-2019)

Taylor Russell stars in the Disney Channel Original Series Fast Layne as the protagonist, an adventurous and daring 12-year-old girl whose car accident sparks a thrilling mission to find a time machine and travel back in time. Along with her two friends and her vintage muscle car, they explore various mysteries while learning important life lessons.

Lost in Space (2018-2020)

Taylor Russell stars as Judy Robinson in the Netflix sci-fi series Lost in Space. In season one, the Robinsons find themselves stranded on a mysterious planet when their ship veers off-course during their journey to colonize a new world. As they try to survive deep in an unfamiliar place, Judy comes into her own as a leader and developing thinker by reinforcing her connection to her family and exploring her newfound potential.

Waves  (2019)

Taylor Russell stars in Waves, a modern adaptation of Greek tragedy set against the vibrant landscape of South Florida. The story follows two very different families as they navigate their unique challenges and explore the powerful love between a father and his children. As these characters grow and learn to cope with life's complexities, Russell's stellar performance shines brightly in this emotionally evocative drama.

Falling Inn Love  (2019)

Taylor Russell took a break from the drama of Waves to star in this uplifting rom-com directed by Roger Kumble. Russell plays Christina, an architect from San Francisco who wins a rustic inn in New Zealand during a momentary bout of distraction. Faced with selling it or restoring it, Christina embarks on a journey of dreams and self-discovery through experiences with family, friends, and potential love interests. Along the way, audiences watch as Christina blossoms into a more confident version of herself.

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