Aquarius Horoscope : weekly (03 - 09 April ) predictions

Aquarius Horoscope : weekly (03 - 09 April ) predictions

The only thing that Mars's stoning does in a sky marked by great transformation and vast scales is to continue to move our own life, which you could compare to a game of the old and arthritic pinball machine.

The situation is that we are the pall, making it difficult to turn around because we are currently susceptible to external (but also internal) currents, watchful of potential threats, and unreliable in our decision-making. I think this is an expression of the freedom and independence we're searching for, and it will soon start to show results.

For instance, many young people in the sector (as well as those who have begun a new professional path in the recent months) feel the need to advance more independently and ask their employers for recognition of a greater degree of freedom of action, both in terms of appointments and tasks as well as in terms of economic and contractual matters. A "trial" that tests your real skills is launched in the two important days of discussions, requests in the company and negotiations, certainly 5 and 6. Many free professionals in this era are ready to take a significant step toward independence and emancipation as a result of several circumstances that have kept them in chains for various lengths of time. If making order and reorganizing one's work was necessary last month, the time has come to make decisions that, in certain cases, may lead to the termination of a long-standing working relationship. This week should be handled carefully in some ways because, as I've previously stated in previous horoscopes, there are "changes of scenery" that could alter your perspective, cause you to change your mind, or undermine your previously set goals. If I may offer you some advice: trust your instincts and choose the route that will result in a more stable outlook in the medium to long run.

At this time, the effect of flipping can also affect money, so it is advisable to proceed with caution on the financial front. The Mercury square might bring couples (but not just couples) face to face with new expenses pertaining to the home or family. Any investment, real estate purchase, or other type of purchase needs to be planned and managed with a certain level of caution. It's crucial to stop wasting money on things that are more for fun than actual needs. While couples who are getting along don't worry about an emotional flip-flop but are more likely to have practical and organizational questions, couples who have been going through a long-term crisis run the risk of entering a more chaotic phase where emotions are still up for grabs. It is now difficult to regain ground, at least not quickly, if you have taken a firm stance in front of a partner who you no longer love. Discussions regarding 5. But, this renewed need for freedom could lead you to find a way around the issue by looking for a fresh emotion in a covert story. Ouch! 9 is a good day to refuel, or to take a breather if you're looking for a little bit of excitement.


Horoscope : weekly (03 - 09 April ) predictions

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