Aquarius Horoscope : weekly (06-12 february) predictions

Aquarius Horoscope : weekly (06-12 february) predictions

A beautiful sky continues: there is not a single planet "against", only caresses and great opportunities. This is a wonderful period, Aquarius, full of opportunities which, however, can give rise to doubts and questions within you.

This dish of opportunities, particularly in the workplace, may lead to decisions, taking one path rather than the other. Which is the best path to take? The stars do not indicate this, but I can assure you that any decision made in accordance with one's true desires ("following the heart") is unquestionably correct.

This is the year of choices that bring Aquarius closer to themselves, with choices made to please others or avoid losing consensus being prohibited. Mercury in your sign is a financial panacea, bringing you work income and money for your business. Good morning on Monday 6, while an important communication is on its way for Friday 10, and perhaps a decision must be made soon.

Love is thriving between couples who love each other, with big plans for the spring-summer season (cohabitation, weddings, children). The time has come for those whose hearts are divided to make a more firm decision. This is such a fertile time that it's not worth wasting time with those who don't fully convince, who don't pay attention, or who don't have room for a full-time relationship. This week presents a "risk" of a "meeting of destiny" for singles. Or, at the very least, to feel strong emotions.


Horoscope : weekly  (06-12 february) predictions 

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