Aquarius Horoscope : weekly (06-12 March) predictions

Aquarius Horoscope : weekly (06-12 March) predictions

When building a house, and I mean a solid house, it is especially important to work from the foundations. But even before the foundations, it is good to review all the materials and resources available, choosing the best ones, so that what you are building in this period can be durable and resistant to bad weather.

Because it touches the fourth house of roots, family, and stability, the new Mars square, active from Friday 10, has the feel of strengthening these foundations. You have a tendency to notice more items "that you don't have" than those "that you have" at the moment, which essentially represent your actual and available resources, especially in the professional realm. Wishing is an art, but it shouldn't begin with the need to fill an emptiness (I just so happened to say the same thing to Leo, the opposite sign). Instead, it must carry on in the aftermath of everything you've accomplished thus far and everything that is uniquely yours. At this time, it's possible that you'll compare yourself to other employees, lose yourself in worries or other distractions, or add fuel to the fire by setting "deviant" goals that divert you from your true aims. The chances are there, and by the summer, something significant will happen, but for now, it's crucial to focus on your true aspirations and the goals that are best for you. You run the risk of making poor judgment calls during this time, so consider your options carefully, ask yourself, "Do I really need it?," make your decision calmly, and don't be in a rush to accept. To have or to be? One can be, in my opinion, and then have. It might be wise to organize some previous work dynamics around this time, especially around Tuesday 7. Contrasts and exhaustion occur between Thursday, September 9, and Friday, October 10. For some, this may be wonderful news that "takes you far," but it necessitates rearrangement and reevaluating some of your goals.

Rearranging the couple's ménage is also necessary. The Mars quadrature may emphasize matters pertaining to the home, such as potential repairs, sales, or relocations. A parent, a child, or a member of the family can cause some minor conflicts. These are small irritations or issues that can be easily fixed. Avoid bringing up issues outside of your relationship with your partner and, most importantly, don't ignore their needs. Recent acquaintances are fascinating, even if you prefer to keep them in the confines of a "affectionate friendship" for the time being and it eventually comes through. Not out of mistrust, but rather because your emphasis is currently more on your possessions and you don't accept others who "take on," rather than out of suspicion. Some people experience the reopening of a prior love affair, most likely the appearance of an ex or an unresolved love affair. In this way, Thursday, September 9, is a day that may result in comparisons or significant decisions.


Horoscope : weekly (06-12 March) predictions

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