Aquarius Horoscope : weekly (13-19 february) predictions

Aquarius Horoscope : weekly (13-19 february) predictions

Communication at the beginning of the week will be salvation. With the Sun in Aquarius, thoughts are light and airy, you don't want to bog your head with problems.

The Aquarius weekly horoscope predicts that you will have a perfect understanding of people. Your influence will be felt by new acquaintances, a boss, a potential employer, and a loved one. Make an effort to make a good first impression.

Aquarians can accomplish more than usual during the middle of the week. Mercury's influence in Aquarius is manifested in the ability to act quickly and think outside the box. You can easily deal with competitors because of your ingenuity. Rivalry will be replaced by cooperation, much to everyone's surprise. It is possible to iron out all or nearly all misunderstandings in a love relationship.

When you do something worthwhile, the weekend will fly by. The Moon in Aquarius is inclined toward intellectual pursuits. The Aquarius weekly horoscope suggests studying tirelessly to lay a solid foundation for the future. Knowledge can come from anywhere, including conversations with more knowledgeable people. Who knows what will come in handy in the near future.


Horoscope : weekly (13-19 february) predictions

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