Aquarius Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

Aquarius Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

The Aquarius sky remains beautiful, bright and full of opportunities, but in this period there could be several paths to consider. It's like being in front of a buffet and being spoiled for choice: you know, we like to do a thousand things, be in a thousand places without giving up anything but this year – it should be remembered – rewards those who know how to choose the best (for themselves ) and discard the rest.

Also because, without any scenes of panic or anxiety being created at the moment, after the summer there will be a period aimed more at consolidation than at innovation. In the coming months, therefore, the best thing is to get involved, experiment with different paths, understand which ones are more "right" both in terms of creativity and stability. We need to read inside and try to understand (i) what we like to do and (ii) how to ensure that we can do it consistently and guaranteed in the long term. In this period, the weight of responsibility inherent in every choice is particularly strong, and we end up twisting ourselves in indecision. Instead, we need to shake off (a) the fear of making mistakes and (b) the desire to make others happy, taking the path that seems closest and most similar to the real aspirations of each of us. In the workplace, you need to be far-sighted: every improvement in your position in the company, for example, must be sought with targeted requests, choosing the right people to propose to. Mercury is still in the sign for the whole week, and this indicates luck and good opportunities. Monday 20, for example, is an interesting day to plan a new project, to talk about one's working future with the right contacts, or to apply for a new job. In this period it is important to carefully select the words to say, not to get caught up in the anxiety of making a mistake, because the counterparty (a boss, a colleague, etc.) could misrepresent some of your indecisions. Clarify your ideas and everything will be fine. Friday 24 and Saturday 25 are also two phenomenal days with the Moon in the sign to close an agreement, to propose and propose oneself in new areas: now more than ever you have the opportunity to trace a long-term professional path, above all if you are thinking about collaboration, coordinated teamwork. Good time for finances too.

In love, this is an interesting week for lonely hearts: it is true that many are concentrated on work, but you also need to allow yourself some distractions in the ways of the heart. This weekend, for example, is perfect for accepting an invitation (even out of town), getting noticed around. Also in this case the dish on the buffet could be rich, but be careful to choose well: for once, break the rule that "chase those who run away", and indulge in knowledge that has "human" and "concrete" features. Wasting time is allowed, but only if you aspire to the casual game. Otherwise focus on those who offer you certainties. A good time for couples too, who are starting (or returning) to plan an important step in a shared life. If around Wednesday the 22nd something reverberates as a fear (fear of taking a step too far, fear of letting go, fear of losing freedom and independence) don't drive it away but listen: there is a great teaching waiting for you. Those who decide to leave a relationship do so without too many hard feelings, in some cases having a new relationship "ready".


Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

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