Aquarius Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

Aquarius Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

You are entering an important phase of your year, under a sky of growth and transformation that first starts with an inner spurt and then manifests itself in actions and opportunities that you will begin to see during the week. For this to happen, however, you need to banish anxieties, the "I can't do it", and fully experience the "journey" that awaits you in the coming months. For some it will be a real "geographical" journey, for others a symbolic exploration of new territories, but in all cases it will be an important approach to the heart of oneself and one's desires.

As already anticipated in the last horoscope, the paths are different and in many cases they have already begun to take shape from the first half of February. We need to move as much as possible, examine possibilities and opportunities by focusing on those that seem more interesting. From October, in fact, the sky will offer less room for change and will ask you to concentrate your energies to consolidate a direction taken. Now more than ever, therefore, it is necessary to make the right choices for oneself, to create a solid basis for "navigation" and work, to have foresight in every initiative that is carried out. For freelancers, for example, it means deciding which activities or collaborations to cultivate, which projects or cities are more profitable. For employees it means asking more insistently for a transfer, a promotion or a new job. With perseverance and a pinch of realism, a great deal can be achieved by October. Meanwhile, this week something very important could happen around Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 1: good news or an unexpected choice, a trip/transfer, a meeting with an influential person can really put everything on the line, or push you to review an important decision already taken. In short, it is a period of sudden changes in the scenario: stand at the window and observe, ready to act or react quickly and flexibly. Friday the 3rd was more uphill, perhaps due to a little accumulated tiredness.

In love, right now it's important to have your own time and space, precisely because you are more focused on professional matters and, as we will see better next week, on issues or choices that concern the family. Obviously, those who have a very demanding / not very understanding partner in this period find it a bit difficult to keep up with them. During the week, some couples may be talking about just that: how much you need to think about yourself. Be sincere and don't give rise to misunderstandings: even in love there are "no", albeit temporary. From small things ("I really don't want to go to your grandmother's birthday!") to big things ("maybe work will take me to another city"), in this period it's better for you to say a "no" from the heart than a reluctantly pronounced “yes”. The stars encourage lonely hearts, especially if you have recently made a good meeting: in this case, however, the "no" are to be banned, because it would be a shame to lose the opportunity for an acquaintance that can prove to be very interesting. Even if you don't feel like bonding right away, show yourself at least a little intrigued and proactive. For someone, the heart beats in another city: reserve the weekend to reach them or have them reach you. In this sense, try to recover intimacy with your partner during the days of Saturday 4 and Sunday 5, the most intense for loving and for planning an important life project together.

Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

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