Aquarius Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

Aquarius Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

What a stir in the Aquarian life… and we are only just beginning!

This week's New Moon lights up your Third house and confirms a trend linked to travel (for business or pleasure), to "displacements" also understood as new interests and opportunities that shift the axis from the initially set goals. In this sky, everything speaks loudly of "movement" and it is good to follow its wave without clinging to the initial premises.

For freelancers this is a really interesting period, and it would be a shame to get stuck in the confusion of the dilemma if the offers are coming from many fronts. A lot obviously depends on everyone's work situation, but if in recent weeks you've got business back on track by expanding and proposing yourself to new contacts, now you could find yourself making a precise selection or organizing work with other collaborators. It is also a good time for employees to submit their requests to the company. For example, the days at the beginning of the week, around Tuesday 28, are excellent for asking for more, for carrying out a negotiation, obtaining a contract renewal or communicating a decision. For many, an important game is being played here that will trace the professional trajectories of the coming months. In some cases, it is possible that the answers may slip by a few weeks: from Friday 31st Mercury slows down the agreements, however do not stop in front of an obstacle or the first "no". In this sense, April will be an unpredictable month, full of twists and turns that change scenarios and bring choices back into play. We'll talk more about it in the next horoscopes. Favor investments and innovations for your business and projects, but be careful with expenses until mid-April.

Among other things, even some family or couple needs could involve some extra expenses. In this period, therefore, it is important to plan every economic exit, try to make ends meet and avoid unnecessary expenses, keeping aside a "reserve" to deal with the unexpected and to be "ready" to seize an important opportunity. The square of Mars could create some nervousness between couples, but in most cases these are small discussions related to work or practical matters. However, with the retrograde motion of Venus it is possible to go back to old dynamics and rehash issues of the past, especially if there is an unresolved crisis. Or think back to an ex in a "nostalgic" way. It's not a difficult period for feelings, but something doesn't seem to flow the way you want. For singles there are good opportunities to meet and experience a beautiful emotion between Friday 31st and Sunday 2nd, even if for the moment we are talking about keeping friendships or lightness of heart. Be careful, however, not to go too lightly if one of the two is already busy.


Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

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