Aquarius Weekly love horoscope (December 12-18)

Aquarius Weekly love horoscope (December 12-18)

Confess your feelings, the weekly love horoscope for the second week of December heralds a romantic date.

A festive mood promotes relationship building, so your initiative will be appropriate. Create a unique atmosphere by doing something related to the New Year's theme.

Aquarius may feel tired at the start of the week because the soul requires silence. The mind dominates feelings under the influence of Venus in Capricorn, and the need for vivid emotions decreases. Set everything aside and plan a vacation, even if your partner refuses to accompany you.

Fate will throw a rebus in the middle of the week: there is little money but a lot of expenses. The Sun in Sagittarius is a good time to open your heart and soul. The Aquarius weekly love horoscope believes that you should not be concerned about increased expenses. There will be a day and food: you will find a way out.

Over the weekend, Aquarians will try to become the center of the universe in order to drown out feelings of dissatisfaction with themselves. The Moon in Libra reinforces the desire to meet societal needs. You will draw a lot of attention to yourself if you are desperately flirting and flirting, but you may lose sight of your only loved one.

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