Aries Horoscope : weekly (13-19 March) predictions

Aries Horoscope : weekly (13-19 March) predictions

One more week of reflection, dear Aries, waiting for the Sun to make its triumphant entry into your sign from March 20th. However, this is more than a simple "introspection": a new need emerges within you, that of freeing yourself from constraints, fears and "old" ways of thinking that limit your life. A need that leads you to "state your reasons and to assert yourself", even if - knowing you - you have to "balance" your energies with lucidity.

Every professional decision and endeavor must be cautious and well-thought out, especially during a time when a boss or a contact person may disagree with you or be more "ambiguous" than usual. Individuals who have employee positions that demand extra "roles" may have noticed lately that they are frequently used for menial jobs.

Similar to a (typically) starring actor who suddenly finds himself playing a "secondary" role or even "supporting" another actor. Don't fall into the error of feeling "belittled" in your personal value, because in most situations they are more "boring" parentheses than a job that works well overall. Yet, the situation is different if you feel that someone is "rowing against" you and seeking to relegate you to a marginal role. In this instance, it would be wise to tackle the situation firmly and calmly. During this time, you are more aware of what is yours and more watchful of anyone who, whether metaphorically or practically, want to take anything from you or don't acknowledge what is rightly yours. In this regard, the days of Monday, March 13 and, to a lesser extent, Tuesday, March 14 may be the most exhausting and anxious due to disagreements or other factors (such as family members) that may divert or demand your attention. Mercury, on the other hand, hits the mark on Tuesday, April 14, reviving concepts, answers, and inventions for the upcoming weeks to grow and solidify.

For people going through a crisis or going through a split, managing the same days at the beginning of the week can be more difficult. Those who seek to "take a piece of you" can include those who disagree with you on a house, child custody, or economic or patrimonial matters. In general, a family issue could still need to be settled, but this shouldn't impair your ability to see well enough to come to a decision. Mercury, as I mentioned before, encourages deals, gives news, or in any case enables you to score a point in your favor. The "solutions" during this time period could also come from the other, either by taking a step in your direction or, if things really don't go, by taking a step back with a new story. It's a time when anything could happen because of "An impetuous breeze," as I referred to the month of March in my book. even finding love again after a long absence, or organizing a lovely change or activity for two. When love comes calling during a trip, a move, or with a person from another city, the days of Saturday, August 18, and Sunday, August 19, are exciting for singles. In general, for everyone, the weekend begins a period of remarkable recovery of energy and vitality, also excellent for making an important decision.


Horoscope : weekly (13-19 March) predictions

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