Asteroid Blasting Mission Could Change The Future Of Space Travel

Asteroid Blasting Mission Could Change The Future Of Space Travel

A new mission could change the future of space travel. Watch as NASA blows up an asteroid!

The Deep Impact spacecraft has been launched into orbit around Comet Tempel.

Why Blow Up An Asteroid?

This mission will help scientists learn more about how asteroids work and what happens when one hits Earth. It will also give us a better understanding of how we might protect ourselves against future impacts.

How Will This Affect Astronauts?

If you’ve ever watched a movie where astronauts go into outer space, you probably saw them blast off with a rocket. That’s because rockets are used to propel spacecraft through space. However, there are other ways to send people into orbit. One method involves using a giant cannon to shoot a projectile at high speed towards a planet. Once the projectile reaches its destination, it would then use gravity to slow down and enter orbit.

Is There Any Risk To Humans?

While the idea of blasting asteroids sounds dangerous, it’s actually quite safe. In fact, NASA has been doing this for years. They’ve even blasted several asteroids before. However, the danger comes when the asteroid hits Earth. This would cause massive damage to our planet.

What's Next For NASA?

NASA plans to continue its asteroid blasting missions until 2020. After that, they plan to focus on sending humans to Mars.

How Will This Impact Our Future In Space Exploration?

If we’re going to send people into deep space, we need to make sure they’re safe. That means protecting them from cosmic radiation, microgravity, and other dangers. It also means making sure they have enough supplies to survive.

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