Bebe Rexha's performance NFL Thanksgiving halftime for Bills vs. Lions

Bebe Rexha's performance NFL Thanksgiving halftime for Bills vs. Lions

The first half of the Thanksgiving game between the Detroit Lions and the Buffalo Bills was enjoyable and entertaining for the audience. Then there was the intermission show... The performance of Bebe Rexha inside Ford Field was not well received.

Given the colors of the Buffalo Bills and the Detroit Lions, it's no surprise that Bebe Rexha was chosen to perform at their Thanksgiving game. Bebe began with a mind-boggling version of "Me, Myself, and I" - literally, because she was standing in front of a kaleidoscope of mirrors - and then moved on to David's "Hey Mama" as green lasers exploded all over the place and a slew of goth backup dancers exited. Bebe then told Detroit that she was good, which resulted in a slew of blue-clad escort dancers joining her on stage for her rendition of "I'm Good."

Nothing beats a Thanksgiving concert.

The atmosphere, the colors, the joy; it's always a tempting experience, especially when football is involved.

The Lions will host yet another Thanksgiving Day extravaganza, this time against the Bills. If that isn't enough to get you up and moving, the interval performer should.

Bebe Rexha, a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, has been invited to perform in front of a sold-out audience in Detroit.

Rexha, whose music has been streamed over three billion times, will be joined on stage by EDM icon David Guetta, creating a musical style clash that should be entertaining.

Who exactly is Bebe Rexha?

Rexha's name was always present in some of the biggest pop-rap mash-ups of the 2010s.

The 33-year-old Brooklyn native with Albanian ancestors made a name for herself in the music industry after contributing lyrics to Eminem and Rihanna's 2015 smash hit "The Monster." In 2015 and 2016, she used it in high-profile films such as G-"Me, Eazy's Myself, and I" and Martin Garrix's "In The Name of Love."

Rexha has progressed since then, collaborating with country duo Florida Georgia Line in 2017 on "Meant To Be," a song that has racked up over a billion streams and is on its way to diamond certification.

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