best goals in football history

best goals in football history

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I adore the sport of football because it is so fast-paced, beautiful and exciting. And these goals can be rather inspirational!

A goal is the action of scoring a point on behalf of the player or team in association football, rugby football or bandy.

One Indian writer, Csaba Tikose, whose top 100 goals list shot to popular fame online has summed up his 10 favourite goals as:

#1- Maradona Vs. England (1986)

#2- Philipp Lahm Vs. Argentina (2006)

#3- Johan Cruyff vs. AB Milan (1973)

#4- Roberto Carlos vs. France(1997)

#5- Juninho Pernambucano vs Marchiata Lima during 2003 Confederations Cup

best goals in football history

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