Brooklyn Alt-r&b Artist Kelz2busy Drops Off New Single “6am”

Brooklyn Alt-r&b Artist Kelz2busy Drops Off New Single “6am”

Kelz2Busy's Genre-Bending Magic: Unveiling the Seductive Alt-R&B Sounds of '6AM

Bridging the gap between genres, Kelz2Busy, the emerging alt-R&B sensation from Brooklyn, is captivating audiences with his latest release, "6AM." This seductive and sonorous track, produced by the talented Joe Aste, invites listeners on a late-night city cruise through Kelz2Busy's distinctive soundscapes, available now on all digital streaming platforms via Human Re Sources/The Orchard.

Kelz2Busy: Unique Sound and Inspiration:

Kelz2Busy's genre-defying sound is characterized by ethereal vocals, intricately layered harmonies, and R&B production that seamlessly intertwines to create a rhythm reminiscent of a pulsating cityscape. Reflecting on the inspiration behind "6AM," Kelz2Busy opens up about his personal experiences with love and the raw emotions that fuel this latest release.

Kelz2Busy: Brooklyn Roots and Musical Evolution:

Hailing from East New York, Brooklyn, Kelz2Busy is on a mission to redefine the narrative of R&B music. With only a handful of releases, this independent artist is gaining attention for his signature smooth vocals and upbeat dancehall productions. His latest project, "3 Typa Nights," showcases his versatility as a songwriter and performer, earning him recognition as a 2023 Artist to Watch by Apple Music and endorsements from industry heavyweights such as Ice Spice, Pharrell, Drake, and more.

Kelz2Bus: Documentary and Visual Collaborations:

Kelz2Busy's journey is documented in a compelling piece as part of On The Radar Radio’s “On The Rise” series, offering fans an intimate look into the artist's early days in Brooklyn. Teaming up with streetwear brand KidSuper for a visually stunning short film, Kelz2Busy provides a sneak peek into the narrative of "3 Typa Nights." His collaborations extend beyond music, partnering with renowned fashion brands like Givenchy, Timberland, and Patta.

Brooklyn Alt-r&b Artist Kelz2busy Drops Off New Single “6am”
Brooklyn Alt-r&b Artist Kelz2busy Drops Off New Single “6am”

Kelz2Busy: Partnership with Human Re Sources:

Kelz2Busy is signed to J. Erving’s Los Angeles-based digital distribution company, Human Re Sources. This black-owned independent powerhouse has played a pivotal role in developing talents like RAYE, Brent Faiyaz, and Cordae, solidifying its position among the Top 10 independent distributors in the music industry.

  • Embrace Genre Fusion for a Unique Sound:Kelz2Busy's success lies in his ability to blend genres seamlessly.
  • Authentic Storytelling Connects: Like Kelz2Busy, infuse your music with authentic storytelling.
  • Collaborate Beyond Music: Kelz2Busy's collaborations extend beyond the music realm.
  • Leverage Digital Platforms Strategically: Take advantage of digital streaming platforms and social media to amplify your reach.
  • Develop a Strong Narrative: Kelz2Busy's project "3 Typa Nights" tells a vivid narrative of his experiences.
Kelz2Busy's meteoric rise in the music industry is marked by his commitment to authenticity, boundary-pushing sound, and compelling collaborations. With "6AM" and "3 Typa Nights" setting the stage for his artistic evolution, Kelz2Busy is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the world of alt-R&B. Keep an eye on this rising star as he continues to redefine and shape the future of music.
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