Cancer Horoscope : weekly (03 - 09 April ) predictions

Cancer Horoscope : weekly (03 - 09 April ) predictions

This week is my favorite, and I love the smile you have on your face as you tackle certain situations in your life that, despite being complicated, are forging you and developing a good musculature.

Instinct and sensitivity are part of your personal baggage, but sometimes being more square than round, being determined more than "crybaby", you can elevate yourself to something that you can't even imagine right now. In fact, what you're doing is collecting the pieces of a puzzle, whose image—"the new you"—will become clear to you shortly.

At the workplace, you are looking for a new equilibrium. Someone in the past month put into motion a significant change that will show the first tangible results, especially starting in July. In contrast, if you are stuck in a situation or are experiencing certain events (such as company-wide revolutions or office moves), don't worry; use the time to choose what course of action to take to achieve your goals. You can do a lot over the next two months, but it's possible that not all of the "semi" will develop as you anticipate. There are things that arise from which it is always possible to adjust course while working and attach oneself to new avenues and opportunities. This week, you have a significant test that is expected of you: specifically between 3, and 4, you must demonstrate your commitment to your efforts in order to resolve a work-related issue, move forward with a delicate treatment, and respond to some minor criticism from a referee. Some people might receive a proposal for a new job or position with greater responsibility and authority, which, while it may initially be rewarding, may also be somewhat intimate. You have all the cards in order to play and display your dots! Good luck finding a new contact or finding a strong connection to your professional initiatives on 7.

A sign of great stability in terms of family relationships is cancer. Nonetheless, it is difficult to escape from obligations and responsibilities that involve a parent or the same partner. You may be contacted this week, particularly around Thursday, to provide input on an issue of an economic or patrimonial nature. Pay attention to keeping your mouth shut and resisting the need to argue with anyone, even if their solutions seem absurd to you. Often, decisions made in couples are ones that both parties agree upon and that inevitably call for compromise on your part. As I previously stated last week, there are also "good" responsibilities, such as a shared life project or an impending child, which are currently being handled with calmness, practicality, and a healthy dose of organization. It is possible to give a past story or a recently lost person a new chance by re-looking at the fish symbol. It won't be easy, and there will be plenty of questions in the coming weeks, but if it is what you feel and want, it is worthwhile to try. New encounters or provocative messages for singles, particularly between 7, and 8, but even in this case, I advise you to experience new emotions gradually rather than wanting to know everything right once.


Horoscope : weekly (03 - 09 April ) predictions

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