Cancer Horoscope : weekly (06-12 March) predictions

Cancer Horoscope : weekly (06-12 March) predictions

With the trine of the Sun and Mercury it is appropriate to say: "ours are coming!". Here are the planetary reinforcements that open up a horizon of new ideas and hopes, and allow you to look beyond the hedge of some recent difficulties. But that's not all: from the end of this week, Mars also leaves the square from Aries and enters a beautiful sextile from the sign of Taurus. For many born under this sign, it is the crux of the matter, Ariadne's thread that leads out of a labyrinth of doubts and intolerance.

A gradual transition process, which will take time but which starts immediately from this period, as I stated in last week's horoscope, begins. Your sky receives a priceless movement once more. If I've continually urged you to be patient and cautious in the past, my advice has now changed to: "Who takes the risk, gets it"! I'm specifically referring about those who are starting a new company or joining a new working group. New inputs, projects, and contacts enable people leave behind some of their former struggles and face a more beautiful and fascinating sky. Someone has begun to doubt if they want to pursue a particular hobby since the beginning of the year, questioning if his job was worthwhile given all the anxieties, challenges, and toads to swallow. Now, all of the uncertainties and lingering unease from the previous few months serve as the compass needle for a change. They help you determine what you are willing to accept and what you are not; they provide the right impetus for you to ask your boss or a work representative for what is due to you; or they help you concentrate on a change or a transfer to a different city. Even people who are unemployed can truly start off strong under this sky. Weekdays like Monday, June 6, and Tuesday, June 7, can be particularly fantastic days for opportunities and, occasionally, for the beginning of a new project or the signing of a contract. People that choose to "form a group" or "operate as a team" are in a strong position. Possible disruptions from the "past" in the middle of the week, such as expenses or minor issues that shouldn't dampen spirits.

You may be prompted to reevaluate some areas of married life by certain job-related news. Depending on everyone's past, a potential transfer, for instance, invariably "needs" that a new equilibrium be restored with the spouse. There is nothing that can't be handled. In fact, all of the couples who are seeking to start a major project (a wedding, a new house) are beginning to set the proper financial and/or professional foundations. Reverse Venus in Aries might still cause misunderstandings or cause you to adopt a "victim" mentality while dealing with disagreements or a partner's lack of interest. Strive to convey your viewpoint while retaining the "certain sweetness" that is uniquely yours. Someone who has a secret relationship with someone who is dedicated starts to feel a great desire to improve their quality, and about Wednesday 8 someone might ask for more or perhaps make an aut-aut. The weekend can be enjoyable for singles and full of opportunity to meet new people. Maybe it's not love yet (at least not right away), but anything that makes your heart smile right now is appreciated!


Horoscope : weekly (06-12 March) predictions

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