Cancer Horoscope : weekly (13-19 March) predictions

Cancer Horoscope : weekly (13-19 March) predictions

Dear Cancer, you are at the beginning of an interesting "formative" phase, a new beginning that can bear fruit especially in the second half of this year. The month of March will be like "a crossroads", precisely to underline the need to make choices - sometimes revolutionary - to get back on track with life and one's aspirations. And you, are you making your revolutionary choice?

In recent weeks, the sky has provided many people born under the sign with answers and methods to restart their jobs. Some new inventions have revived your enthusiasm or, at the very least, have ended a period of monotony and inactive behavior that had been permeating your days. A person is switching to a new workgroup, place, or position. Accepting certain "changes," even if they turn out to be less significant than anticipated or different from expectations made in the past, is a good idea because it may be the beginning of a lengthy series of steps in the right way. Mercury is square this week, which may cause some commercial sluggishness. If the negotiations are still ongoing, they can be postponed or fall short of the desired goals. You shouldn't worry because any agreements made now or requests that are only partially accepted can be reviewed, changed, and improved between April and May. The 13th and 14th of January are two more exhausting, even "irritating," days, but things have improved somewhat since mid-week. Any work-related endeavor, including job hunting, should be "pushed" by the end of this week since starting the following week, the news may demand more labor and effort.

There are significant changes occurring in the business world at this time that are busy for many people. Your heart may be impacted by employment, which often consumes a significant portion of your energies. Although it doesn't prevent it, singles enter a less active phase in terms of meeting new people. Instead of the quadrature and retrograde aspect of Venus, love affinities can be sorted out if eros is accompanied by a strong Mars. The days of the upcoming couple of weeks may be filled with uncertainties, incompatibilities, as well as (new) difficult stories. This may also worry those who are going through a difficult time, have a murky past, or have just started dating and it's not going as well as they had hoped. Being overly demanding at this time can result in "tranchant" decisions, particularly on Tuesday, the 14th, a day that can cause some conflict. Steady couples have nothing to fear, but certain future projects currently need to be reformed, scaled out, or put on hold. In other instances, it is a family issue (including a child, a parent, etc.) that may result in some "limitations". No need to worry; we approach everything calmly and firmly.


Horoscope : weekly (13-19 March) predictions

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