Cancer Horoscope : weekly (17-23 April ) predictions

Cancer Horoscope : weekly (17-23 April ) predictions

You'll discover a surprise this week; it's a "seed". You'll inquire, "What am I doing?"

Those who follow me are well aware that this year's first half has not been easy for Cancer. Many people born under this sign have experienced work-related demotivation, perhaps as a result of a challenging environment or from the stress of ongoing deadlines and concerns. Others have had grave second thoughts about a job decision or felt constrained.

The goals and promises of a shift have recently been rejuvenated by tiny developments, which have caused music to change recently. You will have the chance to select a priceless fruit in the upcoming weeks and "cash" the outcome of your labors with great satisfaction but there's more: inside this fruit lies the germ of a number of fresh employment prospects that will blossom in the fall but for which you can lay the groundwork now. Even love needs time to establish a plan or come to a more rational conclusion. You're working to provide more security, but it has to begin with you. 21 and 22 are significant dates that may present you with unanticipated possibilities. The overarching theme of this year for Cancer is to step beyond your comfort zone and explore new opportunities. The chance for many people born under this sign to take this first step into the "new world" is now.


Horoscope : weekly (17-23 April ) predictions

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