Cancer Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

Cancer Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

A sky continues that tastes like a "showdown" between you and everything that no longer represents you. However, starting this week, in addition to the trine of the Sun, the good aspect of Mercury (active from Saturday 25) also helps to score a point in all those personal or professional situations that are now getting too tight for you.

Starting from work, it is not yet time for "big (and abrupt) turning points", but for steps forward towards the set goal. You have to be honest first of all with yourself to understand which direction to take. Someone is a little tired of the usual environment and the usual tasks, and knows perfectly well that it could "return" much more if placed in a new context, or transferred to the scenario of a new location. Or he lives in an atmosphere of promises which are then punctually disregarded. Improvements, money, transfers: everything is potential but nothing is real yet. Keep up, state your reasons decisively without getting lost in pessimism or complaints, which unfortunately are useless at the moment. Around Wednesday 22 there could be an important confrontation that makes you nervous. Pay particular attention to relationships with partners, collaborators, or the signing of important agreements, especially if they are binding in the long term. Anyone who decides to buy/sell a business or a property is currently not doing so at the best conditions. Perhaps better to wait for the month of March.

In love, many are experiencing a moment of great turmoil. Proven couples aren't afraid of feelings, but they may find themselves arguing over money or work-related issues for one of them. For some, there are important choices to make, such as living together or moving to another city, but right now everything seems very difficult. I would just like to remind you that you are marching towards a splendid trigon of Jupiter which after the summer will illuminate the sign of new fortune… so, hold on! Recent stories, as well as new acquaintances, are not entirely "clear": there is a bit of instability, and perhaps it is not so strange since we still don't know each other well. However, avoid getting into trouble if the other is busy or has a complicated story from the start: not to be moralistic (let alone!), but because knowing you I know how difficult it can be for you to manage a certain "distance". Between Tuesday 21 and Thursday 23 those in crisis can raise the tone of the discussion. Sunday 26th day of good recovery.


Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

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