Cancer Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

Cancer Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

There is a tremendous desire to do or have more, on the one hand. The ability to look over the barricade of the present and toward a developing future is restored when the Sun and Mercury join Neptune in Pisces. On the other side, this resurgence of grit and drive runs head-on into the sting of worry felt by individuals who are perpetually curious about how things will turn out. or perhaps with some past insecurities.

It takes patience, thrift and foresight, especially in the workplace. Those who have recently started (or are about to undertake) a new activity, a new project, or are waiting for confirmation on the job, in this period proceed in small steps, with the Sun and Mercury in favor and Mars still in square until the 10th. It is not a time of "big breakthroughs" but of small adjustments and progress towards the goal. But it is also a period in which those who wish can focus on the direction of a change and start laying the foundations with the right requests. In recent weeks, many born in the sign are starting to ask for a transfer, a renewal of the contract or an increase in the number of hours. As I said, this week still requires a pinch of patience and diplomacy: in many cases we still need to take a deep breath and not exacerbate some controversies with a boss, or blow up a negotiation with a work referent, especially on Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 1. We need to think and not act instinctively, because that's what could lead you astray. Completely changing course with a new job, even different from what you have carried out up to now, can be positive in view of the good aspect of Jupiter in the second part of the year, but only if planned and managed with accuracy. Openings and small certainties on what to do around Friday 3. Much better from next week.

Love is argumentative and agitated. With this, of course, I don't want to alarm solid couples, but be careful not to let yourself be "inundated" by work problems or economic issues, which inevitably end up darkening even the mood of the heart. The central days of the week - the most tiring for work - can trigger some discussion with the partner, perhaps precisely because he tries to calm/reassure you and you take it out on him/her. During this time, you don't like being told what to do, because you need your time and space to act. This somewhat tense period, of course, does not compromise the couple's projects (cohabitation and home-related initiatives) already put in place in recent months. There may be opportunities for singles to meet, but right now there isn't much willingness to open the doors of the heart, or the people who offer themselves don't give great certainties, and basically Cancer in this period is really looking for concreteness and stability. Precisely for this reason, the "hidden", clandestine stories now require a clearer definition: the times of passion are ripe to become something else. And whoever receives evasive answers could cut the link. One way or another, within the next two weeks the "indecisions" will be swept away.

Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

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