Cancer Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

Cancer Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

If there's one sign that she's going through this period with tiring intensity, it's you.

Life is life, and it sometimes confronts us with fears, fears and responsibilities. If we could observe these moments with due detachment, in a broader perspective, we would perhaps realize the enormous growth opportunities they offer us. When we find ourselves in the midst of these waves of life, however, we only perceive their fatigue and bewilderment. The fact is, dear crab, that instead of walking backwards or sideways, you're making huge strides forward, bringing out a determination and strength that perhaps even you didn't suspect and, to paraphrase Peter Cameron's novel, before long all this effort will it will be useful.

In the field of work, for example, at this moment things seem heavier and more tiring to you, at times they seem stopped or blocked, but I assure you that in a few months' time (immediately after the summer) you will enter a heaven of great strength and transformation. As I was already saying in recent weeks, if you have recently embarked on a new career path, you must face this period in small steps, gradually making contact with a new reality, measuring its spaces and rules, without feeling lost. Or it is a question of not losing heart while waiting for a business response that is late in arriving. You have to be patient. The New Moon at the beginning of the week pushes us to "renovate": try to relaunch things, or if possible change the scene, because remaining in a stagnant work situation leads to frustration. Can you catch this air of renewal? In this period, someone could decide to sell their business, to take a break or a sabbatical moment, even linked to an imminent motherhood or in general to a family reason. We need to find a little courage, but above all create new alliances, draw on new energies that can get you out of this impasse. Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 don't see you in top shape, perhaps also due to an overload of commitments or a work assignment that you would gladly do without. From Friday 31 the sextile of Mercury helps to order ideas and to plan some work initiatives. And it gives the green light to sending resumes if you are looking for a new job.

The morphology of some families changes in a year in which Jupiter emphasizes business and family matters. Every new responsibility, even the most beautiful ones related to the birth of a child for example, requires lucidity and good organization, precisely in order not to find yourself blocked by anxiety. Some born under the sign may be called upon to address and resolve a question of a patrimonial nature, or one linked to the house. In this sense, the days at the beginning of the week (especially around Tuesday 28) can be the scene of an important confrontation in the family. The most recent couples are perplexed, there are distances caused by external events/obstacles, but perhaps underneath there is also some doubt about the real growth "potential" of this new love. In the next two months you can change your mind several times, give life to push and pull which, albeit tiring, serve to test the solidity of feeling. For all couples in crisis, or for those whose hearts are divided in half, the next few weeks can be decisive for making a clearer decision. The rapprochement of an old love must be carefully evaluated if you do not want to fall back into the "usual" dynamics. Singles (but not only) who are experiencing a moment of confusion or discouragement around Thursday 30 could find themselves in the best embrace and advice of a friend.


Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

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