Capricorn Horoscope : weekly (03 - 09 April ) predictions

Capricorn Horoscope : weekly (03 - 09 April ) predictions

The expected. The anticipated. What or who are you waiting for, Capricorn?

This week puts you on alert, whether in anticipation of a person, a response, or of something you may have prevented. Without a doubt, this is a time of greater reflection, observation, and work-in-progress than of action and revolution. Yet, this week's good movement is on its way thanks to Venus, who is moving backwards but is still moving in the same direction, and Mercury's positive outlook in the Taurus sign.

The start of the week may cause additional stress and fatigue at work: between 3, and 4, it is possible to discuss a treatment plan, discuss a problem with a friend or professional mentor, and engage in animated discussion with a few coworkers regarding the development of a project. The Mars trigonometry makes you competitive and determined, but as I stated in the preamble, it is best to maintain a flexible position. This is because it is possible that, at times, your words may be muddled or that you do not yet have the ideas that are sufficiently clear to support a position effectively. The second half of the week tends to be more gloomy, especially around 7 when the Moon in the sign of the Virgin can help you resolve an issue, clarify your thoughts on a professional strategy to employ, or secure a favorable verdict. Interesting news even for self-employed professionals or those looking for new jobs, even though it likely refers to temporary projects or positions that will be filled in the coming months. Put everything in black on white by the end of the next week... before anyone can make a move to the back. If you need to end a contract, agree to the terms of payment, or receive payment or a reward back, do not accept verbal promises.

In love, this is a sky that doesn't bring big blessings to someone who has just started a story or a visit. There are difficulties that occasionally do not depend on your character, perhaps because the other person seems evasive, does not reciprocate your attention, or attempts to advance the relationship in an ambiguous manner. In the next week, especially around Monday, you can look for a confrontation, but before you "fake," be sure the other person can understand you or, even better, is able to meet your demands from her. You may have overestimated your current capacity for and desire for a more intense relationship. Even in older couples, there can be some nervousness: the spouse might criticize a decision you made or an attitude you adopted, or they might disagree with you on the best way to answer a personal topic. During this time, certain decisions may center on the "children." On 7, and 8, there is a Moon that speaks of love: lone hearts may meet someone special while traveling or with someone from a different city, but generally, this time asks you to make the right decision and avoid complicating your life too much . Also, this is a time when reconciliations are more common, but it is necessary to put some old dynamic behaviors that should not be repeated on hold.


Horoscope : weekly (03 - 09 April ) predictions

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