Capricorn Horoscope : weekly (06-12 february) predictions

Capricorn Horoscope : weekly (06-12 february) predictions

Needless to deny a certain intolerance that in this period turns a bit 360 degrees. However, as I said in previous horoscopes, you should try to transform this restlessness into determination to change things.

I know this doesn't fully comfort you, but the destabilizing "bursts" you're experiencing during this time period provide many people born under the sign with the necessary push to take a step in a new direction. A "step" that they have been harboring within themselves for some time but have not yet found the courage to take.

However, it is necessary to prevent dissatisfaction from "exploding" in an explosion with a boss or an important contact person at work, particularly in the days surrounding Wednesday 8. Many situations cause discomfort: delayed work responses, precarious contractual situations, strained relationships with collaborators, and, in rare cases, downsizing of one's responsibilities. It's easy to screw everything up; it's much more difficult to maintain some self-control: if you can, I recommend being patient while also looking around. And, if you believe you have a convincing and well-researched plan B, you can consider making a change.

Again, the nervous influences of work have an impact on love. For some couples, the time has come to make a critical decision that could lead them to a new home or city. A turning point for those who are living an extramarital story that is causing problems. In general, avoid venting your frustrations on your partner. Some relationships may face a major test on Wednesday, August 8.


Horoscope : weekly  (06-12 february) predictions 

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