Capricorn Horoscope : weekly (17-23 April ) predictions

Capricorn Horoscope : weekly (17-23 April ) predictions

Your business can be revitalized with a few little adjustments.

Mercury's exit from Taurus in a favorable aspect will open up a number of options for you to advance professionally or relaunch your company with new ventures. For others, it involves rekindling relationships with past partners or devoting oneself to side projects or extracurricular pursuits in order to boost money.

Beginning in May, the slope will be somewhat less steep, and starting in the fall, you'll have a powerful sky that will pay you back handsomely for all of your work over the first half of the year. The best surprises can appear around January 21. Under this strong atmosphere of rapid progress, many family or marriage interactions are shifting even on the emotional level. Many couples finally reach a point of agreement or a turning point over a home-related issue. This sky may present an unexpected opportunity for certain people to make a point and leave their current city. The purpose of this time period is to end a cycle and begin again with fresh energy in order to break through this deadlock. Since the 19th, the Sun's trine has been your cherished ally, enabling you to find successful workarounds, conceive fresh concepts for the upcoming months, and start a project close to your heart.


Horoscope : weekly (17-23 April ) predictions

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