Capricorn Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

Capricorn Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

Reinforcements are coming! Starting this week, the Sun and Mercury run through the degrees of Pisces and begin to lighten the load of tensions and responsibilities that you have experienced in recent weeks. They help you unravel the "pattern" of confusion and indecision that has engulfed you lately, and you rediscover your ability to get straight to the point and express ideas and points of view candidly.

Lately there have been too many compromises that you have had to accept, too many "constrictions" that have not allowed you to feel free and satisfied. Patience has a limit, but in recent times there have been very few alternatives for change to "lean on" and it was difficult to do otherwise. Again this week we need to be realistic, in some cases making the best of a bad situation or downsizing economic or career claims. Of course, this shouldn't discourage you and push you to settle down, because the message of the Sun and Mercury in Pisces is precisely to look for an improvement or a new job that can enhance your talent. This new sky, in fact, gives you back the energy to keep asking but, at the same time, to broaden your circle of contacts, to focus on new allies able to support you on your professional path. You are heading towards a month of March which from this point of view will be much more positive and generous. And perhaps just to push you to look in other directions, around Wednesday the 22nd, what is called "the straw that overflows the camel" could arrive. Much depends on everyone's situations, but in many cases it could take the form of a direct confrontation/confrontation with a boss or a work representative, an unforeseen event that makes you jump on your nose but then, more calmly, helps you to understand more deeply how to act to get out of the impasse. For some, an unscheduled change of course is expected.

The same day could also be decisive for those stories in which a climate of indefinition or uncertainty hovers. Especially those who live in the shadows of a clandestine relationship may have the feeling of never being anywhere, or of having no future. I would say that the time has come to clarify, first of all with ourselves and then with the other. Are you able to express your needs with clear requests, without fear of losing? Couples who love each other need to regain some lightness, perhaps planning a little trip, dedicating themselves a small gesture of affection or treating themselves to a whim. Some more important projects (especially related to the house, cohabitation or a first child) could currently be postponed pending a more prosperous financial or working situation. For lonely hearts, Sunday 26 is interesting, even if at the moment we are talking about acquaintances who do not leave their mark. Not right away, at least. But it is important, dear Capricorn, to get out of a shell of isolation that you have created in recent weeks. Love doesn't knock on the door of your room: you need to get back on track with friends, put your nose out of the house and see what the air is like.


Horoscope : weekly (20-26 february) predictions

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