Capricorn Horoscope : weekly (20-26 March) predictions

Capricorn Horoscope : weekly (20-26 March) predictions

I know that during this time you may not feel like talking or looking to the future with optimism. Some quadratures from the sign of Aries are creating difficulties in your path, sometimes even dilating fears and states of anxiety. Since you know how to get into the «guts», however, you must also learn how to get out. As? Trivially from the door from which you entered, i.e. from the origin of a «distorted» and pessimistic thought, caused by an external «disturbance» factor. Perhaps right now you are getting to the «core» of a deeper fear or dissatisfaction.

It's time to catch up and reclaim what you have lost in the professional realm; perhaps not immediately through action, but rather through establishing a course of action to execute in the upcoming weeks. In order to restart your alliances, you must locate the appropriate contacts or partners. You've experienced disappointment in the past because someone lost your confidence, wasn't sincere, or broke a promise. Maybe even worse, and this is intolerable to you, he failed to value you. If anything did occur, it is now over. But now it's time to put this pessimism to rest and go on, looking for people who can appreciate you the way you deserve. You can still feel "stuck" or generally worn out between Monday, 20 and Wednesday, 22; just keep in mind that you are no longer in need of someone who undervalues you. The same days can help you see a certain circumstance or professional issue more clearly. He starts researching an escape route despite the fact that sometimes you have to make the best of a terrible circumstance in order to carry the loaf home. Individuals who have already undergone a transition or begun a new work may go through a difficult settling-in period. Something new has recently begun; for independent contractors, they might be temporary or part-time opportunities that, with proper cultivation, could develop and solidify after the summer. Be mindful of costs.

Certain financial outflows may also have to do with the family or housekeeping, among other things. The "family" is, in fact, a concept that is at the center of your attention in these weeks, as I stated in earlier horoscopes. A common front may be required to tackle a problem or some dynamics between parents and children may shift. This shouldn't be interpreted solely negatively, though, as there are couples who are planning to welcome the birth of a child, manage a move, or arrange for a marriage or cohabitation. You have the qualifications to handle the situation in the best way possible, despite the fact that these are obviously essential stages and that some tension is unavoidable. The trine of Mars has given singles a new "predatory" energy, but it may be too soon to talk of true new loves, especially if you find it difficult to let go of a relationship that ended recently. One step at a time is what you need to do; allow yourself space without ruling out the potential of a new emotion. Saturday, May 25, and Sunday, May 26, saw a fair recovery.


Horoscope : weekly (20-26 March) predictions

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