Capricorn Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

Capricorn Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

Periods like this - tiring, busy, uncertain - always represent the antechamber of something important to come.

Okay, this is not the time to venture a leap into the void or embark on big life projects, but rather the "prelude" of a debut. You are preparing the field to welcome a new movement, a novelty, an illumination which, even if not programmed, will be the key to turning towards a bright change.

Let's start immediately with a little good news in the professional field: from Friday 31, Mercury enters the friendly sign of Taurus, giving a breath of fresh air to work initiatives and above all to finances. Of course, it depends a bit on everyone's situation and on what has been done in the previous months. Mercury can unlock slow payments and get some negotiations going again, but he can't be expected – which I wish you anyway! – winning a lottery. Indeed, it is possible that in some cases the cash inflows of the next two weeks serve to catch up with old accounts or debts from the past. Around Friday the 31st, Mercury's good aspect makes it possible to launch a new project (or at least to set its course), especially if in collaboration with a trusted person, a long-standing acquaintance but also a "relative" (such as . a parent, partner, etc.). For some, the time has come to spread their ideas out in the sun and reinvent themselves: I am referring to those who are tired of the usual tasks, of the usual role, and are now looking for alternative jobs. A hobby, an old passion in the coming months could predominate, bring extra earnings and, if carried on with tenacity and continuity, become primary in your professional interests. This new aspect of Mercury paves the way for young people (and not only) for part-time, occasional jobs: given the trend, I would advise you not to refuse. Moment of fatigue and some tension at the beginning of the week.

On the days around Tuesday 28, you may be called upon to face a family responsibility, to support a child or a parent or, again, to take care of matters concerning the home. In any case, the New Moon in your fourth house will help you to do steps forward in the direction of a “solution”. Speaking of love, those who have recently begun an acquaintance, an acquaintance, must (re) become familiar with feelings. This is completely normal at the beginning of a new story, but it is possible that some incompatibilities or difficulties for the moment make the road uphill. Eyes wide open, however, if the other shows a certain ambiguity or tries to convince you with his oratorical art, because in this period some choices may turn out to be less "right" than others. Live your emotions but don't forget that you are a person of deeds, not words! Lightness and fun of the heart for singles still single between Thursday 30 and Friday 31.


Horoscope : weekly (27 March - 02 April) predictions

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