Capricorn Weekly horoscope (December 18-25)

Capricorn Weekly horoscope (December 18-25)

The energy of the third week of December is such that a careless word can ruin you.

Avoid unpleasant coworkers and refrain from participating in the office clean-up. Use your charm, wit, or eloquence to stay on good terms with those around you. This is also true for lovers: quarrels and scandals will lead to a breakup.

It will be difficult for you to accept defeat during the first few days of the week. The Sun in Sagittarius bestows unwavering self-assurance. If you are not ready for a serious relationship, the Capricorn weekly horoscope suggests that you create a communication framework right away. In your professional life, try not to take on unnecessary responsibilities. Then you won't have to worry.

Communication with Capricorns will be difficult in the middle of the week. Suspicion grows under the influence of Mercury in Capricorn: nothing is taken for granted. If you don't want to share your feelings, try to avoid words. Only help those in need with money. In the future, your costs will double again.

It's understandable to want some privacy at the end of the week. People tend to isolate themselves from everyone when the Moon is in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn's weekly horoscope believes it is time to get life in order. While you are concentrated and collected, sort out paperwork, conduct an inspection of things, and also study offers on the labor and real estate market.

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