Capricorn Weekly love horoscope (December 12-18)

Capricorn Weekly love horoscope (December 12-18)

Do not withdraw into yourself, in the second week of December, the love horoscope predicts a fatal acquaintance.

Stop worrying if you've had personal setbacks up until now. The anticipation of the holiday is filled with joy: this is the best time to start life anew.

Capricorn needs to cheer up a little from the start of the week to avoid boring the partner. Venus's influence in Capricorn strengthens qualities like stubbornness and ambition. If you don't want to scare your chosen one, engage him in a love game - this will allow you to experience the fullness of life.

You'll be so tired by the middle of the week that you won't care. When the Sun is in the sign of Sagittarius, adventurous energy overwhelms, making it impossible to be sad for an extended period of time. Capricorn's weekly love horoscope warns against overworking. Rest while you still have time.

Capricorns' personal lives will sparkle with new colors this weekend. The Moon in Libra calms, reduces concentration. Use this period of general indifference to strengthen your relationship with your significant other. Listen to your heart; you will realize how to turn the situation in your favor.

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