Cher confirms relationship with Alexander "AE" Edwards.

Cher confirms relationship with Alexander "AE" Edwards.

Cher responded "Love doesn't know math" to comments about their 40-year-age gap: Cher is 76, while her new partner is 36.

On Twitter over the weekend, the "Believe" singer addressed rumors about her love life. Cher wrote a series of posts about their budding relationship after being spotted hand-in-hand with the music executive on November 2.

Some fans, however, were concerned about Cher and Edwards' 40-year age difference.

Cher responded to the criticism in a November 6 tweet, saying, "I'm not defending us. It makes no difference that we're content and don't bother anyone.

Cher went on to reveal more information about her relationship with Edwards, including the fact that she has already introduced him to members of her family.

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