Chris Evans is the sexiest man in the world according to "People" magazine

Chris Evans is the sexiest man in the world according to "People" magazine

The magazine has chosen the American actor known for his role as Captain America in the Marvel Studios movie, among other things, for the year 2022. "My mom will be extremely happy," he says.

Every year, People magazine names the world's sexiest man who is still alive. This year's choice was Chris Evans, the American actor who rose to prominence as the Human Torch in the 'Fantastic 4' and is best known for playing Captain America on multiple occasions. "She's proud of everything I do, but that's something she's especially proud of."

Christopher Robert Evans, his real name, was born in Boston and began acting in 2000, after appearing in a few TV shows. Christopher Robert Evans had other roles in the years that followed, but it wasn't until 2009 that he rose to prominence thanks to one of the films based on Marvel Comics . He has worked on dozens of films, including Pixar's 'Gray Man,' 'Lightyear,' and 'Ghosted,' a 2023 romantic comedy that he co-produced. In fact, Christopher Robert Evans has expanded his acting career as a producer over the years.

In an interview with People, Christopher Robert Evans stated that he now desires a better balance between his personal and professional lives, and that he spends as much time as possible in Boston, where his friends and family still reside.

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