Cruza Shares New Single “Creep”

Cruza Shares New Single “Creep”

Cruza is made up of Adam Kain (vocals), AJ Roth (bass), Charity Joy Brown(guitar), and Sago (production) whose creative synergies explore themes ranging from love and lust to loss and liberation.

Translating to “Cross” in Spanish, Cruza hints at the intersection between religious fervor and music fandom, evident in a signature sound that blends psychedelic rock, R&B, and funk to create an afro-surrealist soundscape.  Last October, the band released Paranoia Pack EP which has since reached 1 million streams, featuring standout tracks “Hypnotherapy” and “Pulp Jam.”  

Tour Dates:

London - October 8th 2024

Paris, FR - October 9th 2024

Amsterdam, NL - October 10th 2024

Berlin, DE - October 13th 2024

Cologne, DE - October 14th 2024

Brussels, BE - October 15th 2024

Cruza Shares New Single “Creep”
Cruza Shares New Single “Creep”
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