Crystal Healing: A Beginner's Guide to Using Crystals

Crystal Healing: A Beginner's Guide to Using Crystals

Many of us try in every way to find some peace and tranquility, to calm the anxiety of life. For this reason, it is not surprising that alternative therapies such as crystal healing have emerged.

What exactly is crystal healing (also known as crystal therapy)?

"Crystals are different combinations of minerals that help purify, balance, and realign; working with our bioenergy systems," says healer Michelle Roques-O'Neil, who has worked with crystals for more than 20 years.

Crystals, according to Judy Hall's book The Little Book of Gods, "have a stable and unchanging energy pattern, each with a unique frequency and energy field, or resonance," which gives them special properties. As a result, they "behave like tuning forks," aiding in the restoration of "harmony into the very unstable field of the human body."

Simply put, crystal healing is the use of precious stones to bring balance to a person's life and mind.

The benefits

Crystallotherapy is based on the premise that every body has an energetic field made up of six energy ruotes/vortici known as Chakras, which can interact with the outside world by absorbing and releasing energy.

Crystals' curative properties are primarily focused on mental well-being. Experts say they can help you feel more calm, positive, and focused, as well as boost your immunity and resistance to natural pain.

Furthermore, single crystals have special energies that can align and influence various areas of our lives due to their shape and color.

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