delicious Classic Muffuletta Recipe

delicious Classic Muffuletta Recipe

Make the most delicious Muffuletta sandwich with our classic New Orleans recipe. From the bread to the filling, we've got it all covered!

Craving for a classic New Orleans Muffuletta? Our easy-to-follow recipe will get you there in no time. All the ingredients from the freshly baked round loaf to the delicious olive salad filling and numerous meats, mixed cheeses and condiments combine to make this iconic Italian monster.

Gather the Ingredients.

Before you start your Muffuletta, make sure you have everything you need. You'll need a freshly baked round loaf of bread such as a sesame seed French baguette or Italian-style round sourdough. All the meats, cheeses and condiments should be thinly sliced and pre-measured ahead of time. Make sure to double the portion of olive salad filling ingredients, as this will not only make your sandwich more flavorful but will also give it its classic muffuletta look.

Assemble Your Sandwich.

To assemble your classic Muffuletta sandwich, start with the base layer of thinly sliced meats. Alternate between layers of ham, salami and mortadella. Then layer on thinly sliced cheeses such as provolone and Swiss followed by a generous helping of the olive salad filling onto each slice. Place the top piece of bread on and press down firmly to flatten before cutting into six equal slices for serving. Enjoy!

Slice and Serve Your Sandwich.

Once your Muffuletta sandwich is fully assembled, use a sharp knife to cut through the top and bottom pieces of soft Italian bread. Carefully slice the sandwich into six equal parts so that everyone could enjoy this classic New Orleans favorite. Serve with side dishes such as potato chips or coleslaw for an extra touch!

Add Extra Flavors & Spices to Taste.

For an unforgettable Muffuletta sandwich experience, feel free to adjust the flavors and spice it up according to your palette. This classic Italian recipe calls for a few tablespoons of olive salad dressing, but you can also add mixed Italian herbs and spices such as oregano, thyme, and garlic powder for extra flavor. Furthermore, you can also incorporate red pepper flakes into the mix to bring out the heat from the olives and capers in this delicious treat.

Prepare the Perfect Dipping Sauce for Your Muffuletta Sandwiches.

To make the perfect dipping sauce, mix some of your favorite Italian herbs and spices with mayonnaise. Some of the most commonly used ingredients for this type of sauce include Dijon mustard, oregano, garlic powder and red pepper flakes for a spicier version. You can also add some extra olive oil and lemon juice to further enhance the flavor profile. Enjoy dipping your Muffuletta sandwiches in this delicious sauce!

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