Does Vanessa Kirby Sing? A Deep Dive into Her Vocal Talents and Career Highlights

Does Vanessa Kirby Sing? A Deep Dive into Her Vocal Talents and Career Highlights

Uncover the truth about Vanessa Kirby's singing abilities! Explore her vocal performances in movies, TV shows, and even deleted scenes. Discover her musical theatre background and delve into her potential for future singing roles. Dive into her career highlights and see how her singing skills add another dimension to her artistry.

Vanessa Kirby, the captivating actress known for her portrayal of Princess Margaret in the Netflix series "The Crown," has captivated audiences with her dramatic talent and on-screen presence. But what many might not know is that Kirby also possesses a hidden talent: singing. While not a professional singer, her vocal abilities have added depth and nuance to her performances, surprising viewers and hinting at untapped potential.

Early Signs: Musical Theatre Roots

Kirby's interest in music goes back to her early years. She studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), a prestigious institution known for its rigorous training in both acting and musical theatre. This training instilled in her a strong foundation in vocal technique and performance, which has served her well throughout her career.

Singing on Screen: A Glimpse into Kirby's Vocal Talent

While "The Crown" primarily showcases Kirby's dramatic prowess, eagle-eyed viewers might have noticed a few instances where she utilizes her singing voice. In the first season, during a scene at the Royal Variety Performance, Kirby belts out a rendition of "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" alongside Jared Harris, who plays King George VI. While not a trained singer, she delivers the song with confidence and charm, capturing the essence of the character's playful personality.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout: A Deleted Musical Scene

A deleted scene from "Mission: Impossible - Fallout" further reveals Kirby's singing potential. The scene, which was ultimately cut from the film, features her character, White Widow, performing a hauntingly beautiful song in French. While brief, the scene showcases a different side of Kirby, one that is both vulnerable and captivating. Fans were disappointed when the scene was removed, but it serves as a tantalizing glimpse into what could have been.

Beyond the Screen: Kirby's Voice Acting and Hidden Gems

Besides on-screen performances, Kirby has also lent her voice to various projects. She voiced the character of Stella in the animated film "How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World" and narrated the audiobook "The Duchess of Cornwall: Camilla's Story." These projects showcase her versatility and ability to use her voice in different contexts.

Will We See Vanessa Kirby Sing More?

While Kirby's primary focus remains acting, there's a growing desire among fans to see her explore her singing talents further. Whether it's in a musical film, a dramatic role with singing elements, or even a live performance, the possibilities are endless. Her musical theatre background and glimpses of her singing ability suggest she has the potential to excel in these areas.

Fan Hopes and Future Possibilities

Fans have expressed their desire to see Kirby sing more, taking to social media to share their support and excitement. Some suggest musicals like "Cabaret" or "Chicago" would be perfect fits for her talent and stage presence. Others simply hope to see her sing in a future film or television project.

A Multifaceted Talent Waiting to Be Unfurled

Vanessa Kirby's singing abilities, while not a central focus of her career, add another layer to her artistry and hint at a potential waiting to be explored. With her strong foundation in musical theatre and captivating on-screen presence, the possibilities for her to shine in singing roles are endless. Whether it's a future film, a musical project, or even a live performance, one thing is certain: Vanessa Kirby is a multifaceted talent with much more to offer the world. As her career continues to evolve, it will be exciting to see if she embraces her singing voice and takes on new challenges that showcase this hidden dimension of her talent.

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