Economic Importance of Coconut Oil

Economic Importance of Coconut Oil

This coconut oil and its derivatives are used in various industries: Fresh Whole Copra-refined Copra, Gourmet Vanilla Extracts, Flavors and Natural Products. Coconut oil is extracted or separated using a fractional distillation process. It is then deodorized and purif

Coconut oil is obtained from the fresh or dried flesh of mature coconuts from the coconut palm.

The Coconut Palm serves as a major source of food and as an indigenous trade item in Asia, Africa and Americas for centuries.

Coconut, the most valuable and versatile tree crop in the tropics, has over 25 different uses combined, one is being oil. Coconut Oil has now become a household name due to its health benefits. From essential body grooming to food preparation and frying, it is ideal for healthy living. It is mostly comprised of fats unlike most plant-based oil options that fall short on this vital nutrient.

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