Gemini Horoscope : weekly (13-19 March) predictions

Gemini Horoscope : weekly (13-19 March) predictions

Design and redesign, create, destroy and then reassemble. A (re)construction "game" that is somewhat reminiscent of the Lego bricks of when we were children: you are testing a new world where you can start over, from which to start again with solid foundations but above all with a new harmony. An emotional, professional, emotional and life "place" in which you can feel "at home" again. And after spending months building, tearing down and rebuilding from scratch, the time has come to finally feel more protected within your new "walls".

I am aware that there have been numerous test benches and hurdles, but you are still leaving the "worst" behind. This week Mercury is also back in favor and permits work to restart with increased momentum. Better still starting the next week when the Sun likewise stops squaring from Pisces. This time period "under review" will come to an end, and a new growth and expansion phase with clearer and more defined professional horizons will begin. In other words, a sky that is improving gradually and in which numerous issues are being resolved.

A sky that may offer its greatest performance, provided, of course, that you continue to have an upbeat and active attitude, make thoughtful decisions, and maintain strict organization while avoiding the temptation to let exhaustion and despair get the better of you. Employees who are waiting for a project renewal, recognition, or activation can make requests this week and move forward, especially around Tuesday the 14th. It will likely be required to wait until the beginning of April to receive certain or conclusive answers, but don't pass up the opportunity to act now. Many people still harbor some underlying pessimism, but this must be the turning point that enables you to make significant life changes: possibilities don't just present themselves; you have to go out and get them, even if it means moving to a new city. Despite Mercury's positive characteristics, now is not the time to take chances, particularly financial ones. While it is challenging to play "alone" at this time, every work project needs to have the proper support, even if it means partnering or building partnerships with other people. Sometimes, even if it means having a little less, a powerful or "stronger" person than you can make a difference.

Regarding feelings, especially in terms of new knowledge, we are going toward a better sky. Even if they initially only function as "interesting" connections with limited significance, nothing precludes the possibility that they will soon develop into something more significant. In the upcoming weeks, you'll notice it, and you'll be surprised to see how your emotional experience has evolved to become lot more steady and positive. Many people worry about reverting to old emotional patterns, but never has it been more true than now that what the past taught will shine into the future. Some couples come back during the week to talk about unfinished business or other issues that must be resolved once and for all. I'm speaking, for instance, to people who are considering moving, or to people who must decide on a move, a remodeling, or a financial-family issue. In this view, Saturday 18 is crucial, when between intense arguments and a little trepidation, with a pinch of commitment you can find the "team" that gets everyone to agreement.


Horoscope : weekly (13-19 March) predictions

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