Gemini Horoscope : weekly (20-26 March) predictions

Gemini Horoscope : weekly (20-26 March) predictions

Gemini, get ready to say "goodbye" to a really tiring time, and get back on the road towards your most ambitious goals. In fact, between the end of February and mid-March, many born under the sign faced what - in mythological terms - could be defined as the "descent into the cave": an encounter/clash with their fears, which prompted them to look them in the eye and face them with resolution. As I was saying, you leave all of this behind by crossing the "portal" of this Spring Equinox, which allows you to enter a more beautiful and constructive phase of your journey.

This week at work gives you the chance to find grit and vitality, but more importantly, it gives you the chance to extend your wings and look toward the horizons that appeared obscured by the challenges of the previous time. Many people who were born under this sign recently had to deal with a test, an evaluation test, or the "last rush" to produce a project, and they are now getting ready to enjoy the results of their labors. In this way, the opening few days of the week, especially Tuesday the 21st, can be tinged with anxiety over a potential deferred response. Continue on your journey since the days between Thursday, September 23 and Friday, September 24 already give you the opportunity to receive some affirmation, appreciation, or wonderful news. It's time for some people to start joining new work teams. In other words, this week reopens your options and gives you the chance to start your journey toward a successful spring. Third decan Geminis may be battling a partner issue or a contract renewal at this time, especially those born between May 18 and May 20. These are typically minor "stops" that provide no significant difficulties.

Beginning this week, even emotions flow more easily. If you have buried the hatchet, some old grudges or problems appear to have subsided. The first solutions are coming this week, but sometimes there are issues in the family or with the house that you disagree with and that make things more difficult, as likely happened this weekend. While it can be more challenging to come to an understanding at this time with some signs (such as Cancer, Capricorn, or Pisces), with a little more work, solutions are possible. A vivid sky full of opportunity for lonely souls to meet: Two dates to note on your calendar are Thursday, March 23 and Friday, April 24. Even though at first there may be some hesitancy, even though we may simply be discussing "warm friendships," I would advise that it is worthwhile to wait and see what benefits a new acquaintance can offer. Even acquaintances who had a "hiccup" departure in recent weeks started to improve and express emotions. Soon, there will be excellent news for those looking for children.


Horoscope : weekly (20-26 March) predictions

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