Gemini Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

Gemini Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

The week begins under the influence of a New Moon squared by Pisces which could make you feel the weight of some "exams" or "trials" to bear stronger. “What will I be when I grow up?” it is a thought that "haunts" you in these weeks. It is an important theme at any age, because it underlies another, fundamental one: “What is my real talent? What do I want to be recognized for?”.

No need to hide behind a finger. Recognition is a theme that we have been carrying forward perhaps since the creation of the Earth. And in the professional field this becomes even more important, especially when we do not see some of our "rights" recognized or our "merits" rewarded with adequate satisfaction or promotions. Now, Jupiter is there that protects, but the constant presence of "Saturn against" certainly does not facilitate the ascent. It is therefore important to maintain the pace, without however - at the moment - banging the fist on the table, giving "either-or" or expecting great revolutions overnight. This is a week on the one hand demanding, on the other half satisfying: between Monday 27 and Wednesday 1 someone could be invested with a new role, be assigned a task that in many cases, however, does not fully satisfy. I realize these are meager rewards, but it's good at the moment to be realistic and look at the glass being half full. Anyone who wants to start a new business, a new project, must pay attention to the details, the quibbles, the "convenience" of certain contracts: the high square of Mercury does not facilitate economic exchanges, negotiations, in some cases it is possible to spend more than what was anticipated. In general, for everyone, pay attention to expenses, especially if they are not necessary.

An important moment, if not cathartic, also for feelings: it is as if this sky were pushing you to illuminate the "dark" corners of what has not been sufficiently understood, elaborated, or expressed in the relationship with the other. It is a new light that serves to eliminate fears and uncertainties, and prepare you for a new beginning. And speaking of new beginnings, those who have recently embarked on a sentimental path could have the first doubts, be dissatisfied with how the acquaintance is proceeding. Again: "What do I want to be recognized for?". Or rather: "what is it that the other does not recognize in me?". In this phase of life, it is important for you that the other fully understands (and immediately) your true nature, your desires, that he recognizes and therefore brings out your talents. Monday 27 is not brilliant for affairs of the heart, but already from Tuesday 28 there is a good recovery. Someone could experience a conflict between the desire to be liked and that of responsibility: busy people who are torn between two stories come to mind, but also those who are going through a moment of doubt with their partner. Illuminating dark corners also means understanding which direction to take. Important period for those who want a child, also referring to professional support figures. Undecided singles: an intriguing but could "confuse" meeting is coming up over the weekend.

Horoscope : weekly (27 february-05 March) predictions

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