Gemini Weekly horoscope (December 18-25)

Gemini Weekly horoscope (December 18-25)

In the third week of December, you will have to deal with many matters, including financial ones.

So that nothing dampens the holiday spirit, settle your bills and pay off your old debts. Maintain a similar pattern of behavior in your personal life. If there are any issues, they must be resolved as soon as possible. Even if you act in accordance with the circumstances, do not act against your will.

If you want to start the week off right, don't doubt your ability. With the Sun in Sagittarius, optimism allows you to make positive changes in your life. The Gemini weekly horoscope suggests thinking creatively to bring new life into a relationship or to put competitors on the back foot. Find something unique that will perplex everyone.

Fearing difficulties is the last thing Gemini wants to do in the middle of the week. An iron resistance is formed under the influence of Mercury in Capricorn. The term "electronic commerce" refers to the sale of electronic goods. Any venture that necessitates diligence and perseverance will be successful. There will be people, primarily friends, who can offer assistance and support.

On the weekend, there will be time to think about work. The Moon in Capricorn promotes inner excitement and the desire to move forward. The weekly horoscope for Gemini is reassuring if you are applying for a higher position: the boss will support this initiative. The term "electronic commerce" refers to the sale of goods and services over the internet.

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