Generation Meme Who? What Are They, And How Do I Find Them?

Generation Meme Who? What Are They, And How Do I Find Them?

Generation memes are funny pictures that have been created by people on social media. You may not know what they are or where to find them, but we'll show you how to find them and create your own!

Know the Difference Between Memes and Gifs.

A meme is an image with text overlaid on top of it. It's often used as a joke or to make fun of something. A gif  is just a picture, usually animated, that has no text.

The internet has become a breeding ground for memes, which are short videos or images that spread quickly across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.. These viral videos often feature people doing silly things, such as dancing, singing, or playing games. However, some memes are created specifically to be funny, while others are meant to be serious. For example, there are many memes featuring celebrities, such as Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift. There are also memes that poke fun at political figures, such as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And then there are memes that are simply meant to be humorous, such as the one below. A gif is a short video clip that loops continuously. Both memes and gifs are fun ways to share information and humor.

Create Your Own Meme.

If you're looking for some inspiration, check out these sites:

• Tumblr -

• Instagram -

• Twitter -

The internet has been buzzing lately about the new meme called “Generation Who”. What started as a joke between friends has now become a viral phenomenon.

The internet has been buzzing lately with people creating memes based off of popular culture. Whether it be a picture of a celebrity or a quote from a movie, there’s always something to take inspiration from. If you want to create your own meme, here are some ideas to get started.

The internet has been buzzing lately about the viral success of the ‘Generation Who’ meme, which features a photo of a young woman holding her phone while looking at the camera. The caption reads, “I am the generation who…” and then lists off various things that person might be doing. For example, “I am a generation who likes to take selfies.” Or, “I am one of those people who doesn’t know what Snapchat is.” And, “I am definitely not a millennial.”

Other viral images often feature text overlaid on top of them, such as “I love cats” or “This is what happens when you drink too much coffee.”

Share it with Friends.

There's no better way to share something than through a meme. These images are often used as a form of humor, but they also serve an important purpose. They help us connect with others who share our interests, and they allow us to express ourselves in ways that might otherwise be difficult.  Or you can use it to get to know people better. Either way, it's a fun way to connect with others.

The Generation Meme has been around since 2009,  but it really took off after the 2016 election, but it’d be easy to miss if you weren’t looking for it. If you want to see what the meme is all about, check out the website at Now, people use it to share memes that poke fun at political figures, celebrities, and other public figures.

Add it to Your Website.

If you're looking for some inspiration, check out these sites:

MemeGeneration .net - This site allows you to upload any image and add text to make a meme.

Meme Generation  - This site lets you choose from a variety of different templates and then adds text and graphics to complete your meme.

Meme Factory - This site has hundreds of pre-made memes ready to use.

Tag People in the Photo.

Once you've found an interesting photo, you need to tag the people in it. There's no reason why you should have to search through every picture on Facebook just to find the people in it. Instead, you can use tools like Google Image Search to find photos with people in them. Then, you can either copy the URL of the photo (which will take you directly to the photo) or click "View Larger" to see the full size version of the photo. From there, you can simply type in the name of each person in the photo and hit enter.

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