HAAi teams up with Jon Hopkins on new single “Baby, We’re Ascending”

HAAi teams up with Jon Hopkins on new single “Baby, We’re Ascending”

Fresh from releasing her acclaimed debut album, Baby, We’re Ascending, and her first US tour, London based artist, producer & singer HAAi – aka Teneil Throssell - The innovative new video features choreography by Akira Uchida which was then animated by artist Tom Furse with the final piece being described by FACT as “a stunning technical achievement.”

“I’ve worked with Tom across my entire album, including the video for ‘Purple Jelly Disc’, the AI clouds on the digital album cover, my Mixmag cover and now for this,” HAAi tells FACT. “He’s also creating some bespoke visuals for my bigger shows this year which I’m really excited about. I met Akira virtually as he had choreographed a dance piece to an older track of mine called ‘Feels’, which blew me away. His interpretation of my music and translating it into movement was really emotional to watch. It was a no brainer for me to work with both Tom and Akira on the video.”

Baby, We’re Ascending - Video Still

Reflecting on his approach to the choreography, Uchida details, “The first thing that impacted me upon listening to the track was this feeling of it being heavenly and ethereal. The peak in the song gave me a very specific feeling of falling upwards into the sky and beyond (not to be confused with flying) which inspired some of the visuals at the end of the video. There is also an immensity in the sound which I felt was important to capture as well as a powerful feminine energy I wanted to channel in movement.”

Speaking with Creative Review, Furse explained AI and machine learning’s role in the video’s creation. “You’re essentially collaborating with enormous amounts of artists, developers, researchers and image-makers in quite an unpredictable way by experimenting with combinations of text prompts and models. Surprises are frequent, and I welcome surprises from machines in my art.”

Baby, We’re Ascending is available now on limited edition splatter vinyl, CD, and digital platforms. A limited blue sky vinyl will follow on June 24. Stream and purchase the album here.


With community and collaboration being a key theme running through the LP, Baby, We’re Ascending features an all-star line-up of contributors including Obi Franky, Kai-Isaiah Jamal, Jon Hopkins, Alexis Taylor & Moxie. Weaving her own vocals throughout the album, it was crafted alongside designer Raissa Pardini, mixing engineer Marta Salogni (Björk, Romy), engineer/producer Francine Perry, string arranger Quinta and creative director/long-time collaborator Imogene Barron.

HAAi by Imogene Barron
HAAi by Imogene Barron

Since the start of the year, HAAi has seamlessly transitioned from being one of the most in-demand DJ’s working today into becoming a singular creative force within electronic music.

Baby, We’re Ascending Tracklisting

1. Channels

2. Pigeon Barron

3. Bodies Of Water

4. Human Sound (feat. Kai-Isaiah Jamal & Obi Franky)

5. Louder Always Better

6. Biggest Mood Ever (feat. Alexis Taylor)

7. AM

8. FM

9. I’ve Been Thinking A Lot Lately

10. Purple Jelly Disc (feat. Obi Franky)

11. Baby, We’re Ascending (feat. Jon Hopkins)

12. Orca

13. Tardigrade

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