Harley-Davidson Iron 1200 Review: A Classic Choice for Riders

Harley-Davidson Iron 1200 Review: A Classic Choice for Riders

Discover the Harley-Davidson Iron 1200: A classic, stripped-down bobber-style motorcycle with powerful performance. Ideal for riders seeking a genuine Harley experience.

The Harley-Davidson Iron 1200 has been a beloved fixture in the motorcycle world since its inception in 2009. With its stripped-down, dark, and bobber-style design, this bike appeals to riders of all experience levels. In this review, we'll delve into the key features and characteristics of the Iron 1200, exploring why it's a top choice for those seeking a classic Harley-Davidson experience without the frills.

Engine and Performance:

At the heart of the Iron 1200 lies a robust 1202cc Evolution V-twin engine, delivering 73 horsepower and 81 lb-ft of torque. This powerhouse provides ample oomph for both city cruising and highway journeys. The engine's torquey nature ensures swift acceleration, making overtaking and quick getaways a breeze.

While the five-speed transmission offers versatility, some riders have noted that the fifth gear feels a tad tall, potentially affecting highway performance. Nevertheless, this minor drawback doesn't detract from the overall thrill of riding the Iron 1200.

Handling and Ride Quality:

One of the Iron 1200's standout features is its ease of handling. With a low seat height of 27.2 inches and a relatively lightweight curb weight of 564 pounds, maneuvering this bike is a pleasure. The ergonomic riding position, courtesy of mid-mount foot controls and mini-ape handlebars, keeps riders comfortably upright.

While the suspension is on the stiffer side, resulting in a somewhat rugged ride on rough roads, it pays off in terms of exceptional handling. The Iron 1200 is highly responsive to steering inputs and maintains its line admirably through corners.

Features and Amenities:

As a stripped-down model, the Iron 1200 isn't laden with features. It offers a basic analog speedometer and tachometer, complemented by a fuel gauge and turn signal indicators. A small storage compartment beneath the seat provides some utility.

It's worth noting that ABS brakes are not included as standard, though they can be added as an option. Opting for ABS brakes is advisable, as they can be a lifesaver in emergency braking situations.

Styling and Customization:

The Iron 1200 boasts a classic bobber-style aesthetic. Its blacked-out engine, frame, wheels, and handlebars exude a bold and timeless appeal. The petite, peanut-shaped fuel tank and single-seat contribute to its distinctive look.

One of the Iron 1200's most appealing attributes is its customizability. A wide array of aftermarket parts and accessories are readily available, allowing riders to craft a bike that reflects their individuality.

Overall Impression:The Harley-Davidson Iron 1200 is a stellar choice for those yearning for an authentic Harley-Davidson experience without the bells and whistles. It combines a potent engine, exceptional handling, and a classic bobber-style design. Its popularity as a canvas for customization further cements its appeal.

  • Potent and torquey engine
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Comfortable riding position
  • Classic Harley-Davidson styling
  • High customizability
  • Stiff suspension on rough roads
  • Less comfortable on long rides
  • Five-speed transmission can feel underpowered on highways
  • ABS brakes not included as standard
Who Should Buy a Harley-Davidson Iron 1200?The Harley-Davidson Iron 1200 caters to a diverse range of riders. It's an excellent choice for those seeking:
  • A classic Harley-Davidson experience
  • An easy-to-ride and control motorcycle
  • A bike with customization potential
  • A powerful engine and superb handling

New riders, take note that while the Iron 1200 is relatively beginner-friendly, its heavyweight nature requires cautious practice, particularly for those new to riding.

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