Hercules & Love Affair’s directed by Tim Walker

Hercules & Love Affair’s directed by Tim Walker

See Hercules & Love Affair’s Tim Walker-directed music video for ‘One’

In this video Tim Walker, with guest performance by artist Salvia, interprets a compelling  the track “One” by Hercules & Love Affair.

Tim Walker was loved the track and stated, “The lyrics of Andy Butler and ANOHNI are prophetic, important and a warning. ALL are natural no matter who you are. You are a child of Mother Nature. Respect Mother Earth, respect Nature and nature. With no respect for the Earth, she will unleash a natural armageddon she created ... "

The incorporeal creature interpreted by Salvia emerges from the earth first only the head and then the whole body moving to the rhythm of music, after completely freed it returns to the initial position in the earth and turns into a red rose.

Hercules and Love Affair is a project were founded in New York following the collaboration of the American DJ Butler with the singer Anohni to produce the song "Blind". They are currently based in Belgium and collaborate with many world musicians and DJs

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